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What’s happening in Media : 26th May 2016

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  • Published May 25, 2016
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Advertising news

Dear SA radio stations

Content_is_king_on_social_marketingSimon Parkinson has been working in radio for 26 years and loves the medium today as much as he did when he first stumbled across it back in 1990. In a recent opinion piece, Simon went on to highlight that “radio is the only medium that has actual human contact all the time, real people speaking and interacting with real people in real time.”

Simon argues that although television, print, outdoor and digital is important, it is actually radio advertising that provides a more personal conversation with the audience and drives an immediate response, emotion and interaction because let’s face it, radio can very quickly make you feel happy, sad, angry, frustrated and relieved within the space of minutes. However, once again, with any advertising campaign, it all comes down to the content. “Listeners will listen to great content and if it’s good they won’t notice the commercial element as it should be a perfect, natural fit. Smart stations will start engaging in content conversations that will be uncomfortable, but if they open their minds whilst guarding their programming integrity, they will find new ground and new opportunities to create solutions for their clients in a unique radio way.

Concepts that live and breathe on a radio station as part of its content, amplified via its audience with social media possibly activations etc., and monitored through a number of tools to prove the return on investment” says Simon. Radio as an opportunity to reach a wider audience at a rapid rate – is your brand going to take advantage?

Innovative Advertising Ideas

Advertisers need to get to grip with online radio

urlIngrid von Stein, CEO & Founder of, recently called out media agencies and brands for not focussing on online radio. She argues that media buying and PR agencies were formulated in the corporate era when Newspaper, Radio and TV were kings, the only problem is we live today in the post corporate era, hence the terms “New Media” and “Old Media”.

We may not realize it – it seems every day to us – but the current rate of technological change and adaptation is unprecedented in human history! Compare life today to ten years ago, there are some big differences. Our team enjoy exploring multiple advertising platforms for our clients and strongly believe that different avenues work best based on your content and target market. Online radio, podcasts, blogs and other streaming sites are currently being ignored or not utilized properly due to an old corporate mentality in the advertising industry and we are excited to work with brands to help them change this.

Online radio can be directly targeted to a set market segment; is measurable, is cost effective and allows for budgets to be spread into avenues that will yield results as it’s directly targeted to your clients target market. A few brands have braved the online segment and are getting positive engagement with their market – the emphasis here is on engagement as opposed to just viewing an ad. We look forward to seeing and feeling changes in the industry, if we look at some of the other African markets like Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe – they have embraced the world of new media and its working for them.

Industry Information and Statistics

Independent Media titles show stable performance in latest ABCs Media grew its share of the South African daily newspaper market by 3,2% and the weekend newspaper market by 1,6% compared to the same period last year. These results were released by the Audited Bureau of Circulation (ABC) which measures newspapers and magazine circulation performance.

Five of Independent Media’s daily newspapers showed solid performance in the period January to March 2016 compared to the previous quarter (October to December 2015). Independent Media’s market strength was further reinforced by the solid performance of its magazine division, Conde Nast Independent (CNI), which showed an overall increase of 1,1% compared to the previous quarter. GQ increased by 2,6%, Glamour increased by 1% and House and Garden remained stable.

“Our market share increase together with the solid circulation performance of some of our key publications, is a testimony to our readers’ confidence in our publications. All kudos to our hard-working editorial teams. I commend them for showing tenacity and commitment during this very trying time in the print media industry,” said executive chairman of Independent Media, Dr Iqbal Survé.

Exciting Media Campaigns

Off to work with AK, ID and Isuzu

When Spitfire director AK and Ireland/Davenport came together to create Isuzu’s new TVC, it was off to work they went with a vengeance. Shot over seven days in thirteen challenging locations across the country, crew, cast and bakkies soon found out what they were made from: Real.  

What’s happening in Africa

ShowMax expands internet TV service to sub-Saharan Africa

MediaHandlerShowMax, the internet TV service launched in August 2015, has expanded its footprint to 36 additional countries across sub-Saharan Africa. In total, ShowMax now supplies subscription video on demand services to 65 countries worldwide. ShowMax has officially launched internet TV services to 36 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. The company originally launched in August 2015 with the largest subscription video on demand catalogue on the continent. The sub-Saharan service costs US$ 7.99 per month for unlimited viewing. The catalogue includes approximately 15,000 TV show episodes and movies, totalling almost 10,000 hours of viewing. The service includes a Kiswahili language section and a Nollywood section, as well as an African Film section that pulls together classic movies from across the continent.

Barron Ernst, chief product officer for ShowMax commented: “The speed and cost of connectivity are significant hurdles for any internet-based service in Africa. Getting it right means you’ve got to do much more than just flick a switch. “We’ve been busy testing the service in key locations across the continent and optimising our delivery network. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve adapted our apps to address the needs of consumers in Africa, introducing features like downloads for viewing TV shows and movies when not connected.”

What’s happening in Media : 19th May 2016

  • By Adri van der westhuizen
  • Published May 19, 2016
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Advertising news

Shock ruling against advertising regulator was inevitable

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.07.58 AMIn a recent opinion piece, published by Chris Moerdyk, the ruling surrounding the advertising regulator was highlighted. Chris argued that “it has always been a mystery to me why no advertiser has ever had the courage to stand up to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).” Earlier this month, a high court ruling saw the advertising regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) prohibited from ruling against advertisers who were not members of this self-appointed industry watchdog.

An even greater mystery is how, for decades, the print media industry has been so tolerant of the ASA costing them millions by banning advertising. Admittedly, some advertising needed to be banned but most, in his opinion, were bans based on very flimsy objections from a tiny minority of consumers who actually found it extremely easy and free of repercussions to complain about advertising. Unlike the ASA, which makes it far too easy for consumers to complain, the BCCSA has structured its process to ensure that ludicrous complaints do not take up valuable time and effort and that a fair hearing is given to both parties and then taking action, only after a ruling is made. Advertising regulation is important. But, it needs to be equitable and fair. The high court ruling two weeks ago was an important step, in Moerdyk’s opinion, along the way to it becoming fair and equitable again.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

There’s more to airline magazines than just winging it

british-airways-inflight-services-highlife-shopping-magazineMost of us will have flicked idly through airline magazines in those listless few minutes between takeoff and taking out laptops, or the arrival of food and drink. Sometimes a few minutes is enough: airline magazines vary vastly in quality, ranging from the intentionally quirky to the buttoned-down and staid. Like all genres of magazine, they go through redesigns and relaunches. Those that enjoy enduring success and reader affinity are the ones that know their readers’ interests well, and which present content in an attractive and engaging manner.

British Airways’ Highlife magazine, for example, has a proven model for entertaining and informing, and its South African edition, titled Highlife SA enjoys the same success, with its 50th edition appearing next month. It’s not a hit-and-miss approach. Airline magazines must consistently reflect the identity of the airlines and have an important role in building long-term, authentic relationships with customers. The magazine’s publishers, Cedar Communications, are keenly aware that Highlife magazine is seen by more than three million people a year, who spend an average of 36 minutes reading it. Readers say the magazine makes them feel more positive towards the British Airways brand, with 32% adding that it improves their opinion of BA, and 39% telling others about the articles, passing on the magazine, or recommending the airline. Similarly positive feedback has been received about Highlife SA, with 80% of travellers on British Airways (operated by Comair) saying they read the magazine, 76% rating it “a good to very good read” and 37% reading it for more than 30 minutes.

Industry Information

SABC to meet with ad stakeholders over 90% local music quota

SABC-musicThe South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) says it will be meeting with stakeholders within the advertising industry as well as its clients to discuss the 90 percent music quota introduced this month. The organisation clarified reports about it being a temporary stint and says it is a definite decision that is only subject to a review after three months. As an important component of the SABC’s funding model, the corporation says the engagement of all stakeholders is important to the successful implementation of the new system.

Describing it as a historic moment in a statement, COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng said there has so far been a positive response to the new mandate. “We are delighted about the positive response received from the government, music and television industry, and the public at large around our decision. We are further encouraged by the positive response from some of our investors” he said. Does this mean that the SABC could alienate 5FM, Metro FM listeners and advertisers? We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about this matter and you feel it could affect radio advertising.

Exciting Media Campaigns

SABC 1 has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Life and TV Are One’, across TV and radio

SABC 1 has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Life and TV Are One’, across TV and radio, launching it live on the music show Live AMP earlier this month. SABC 1 has not had a brand campaign since 2009. The channel and youth culture have a historic dependency on each other and can never live in isolation. Therefore, the new brand campaign represents a journey to develop and reflect this sentiment – that SABC 1 is more than TV, it is a culture.

What’s happening in Africa

SA wins in film and radio categories

0d71a92b9ae471d85a375f0a08612d51The advertising and media landscape in South Africa is noticeably changing. In the past, only countries in Europe and the United States would dominate at advertising awards but this has changed and we see more South African agencies bringing home prestigious awards. The 43rd Annual One Show Awards recently announced the final winners, with South African agencies scooping eight awards. Hosted by Ellie Kemper, star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The One Show awarded 248 Gold, Silver and Bronze Pencils in film, interactive, cross-platform, IP, mobile, social, UX/UI and radio at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

BBDO won Network of the Year for the second year in a row, with eight different agencies winning Gold Pencils, including Best in Radio (Sancho BBDO in Bogotá) and the first Gold Pencil win from Russia (BBDO Russia Group). WPP won Creative Holding Company of the Year, with marquee networks Ogilvy (runner-up for Network of the Year), Grey, AKQA and JWT contributing to the winning Pencil count. Take a look at a full list of the South African winners and watch the adverts that gained them the spotlight.


What’s happening in Media – 12th May

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  • Published May 11, 2016
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Advertising news

Opera Mini blocks ads to reduce data consumption

Opera 340754is the first major browser to integrate an ad blocker for more rapid web page loading and massive savings on mobile data, extending users’ data caps even further. “Our ad blocker speeds up Opera Mini by stopping ad requests that slow down your browser, making it 40% faster compared to the previous, already fast version,” says Nuno Sitima, SVP Mobile Browsers, Opera. “This is a frequently-requested feature from users who want faster browsing that’s less data hungry and less distracting. This is the best choice for a fast browser on any Android phone.”

But what does this mean for advertisers? The rise of ad blocking software has been increasing rapidly since late 2013 as more and more brands are shifting their advertising campaigns online. The good news is that Opera Mini is not a popular browser on mobile phones in South Africa although it is slowly growing. It is important for advertisers to remember that mobile data in South Africa is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the world including other African countries. Developing adverts for mobile should be done so with careful consideration. We suggest staying away from rich media adverts such as videos and sound but rather create engaging text and low res image based adverts.

A survey by GlobalWebIndex found that, in 4Q 2015, 79% of respondents were either already blocking ads on mobile or were interested in doing so. Speed and data savings were among the top six reasons for blocking mobile ads.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

OFM Launches mobile app to keep listeners constantly updated

341183OFM, the sound of your life, is now available on an exclusive smartphone app. The station launched the OFM app earlier this week, available on Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Smartphone users and loyal listeners of the sound of your life will now be able to listen to the OFM radio station on their favourite device. The OFM app has been created to transform the manner in which OFM listeners engage and consume the radio station. “Access to OFM anywhere and anytime makes the app a must-have. Navigating through different radio app’s can be confusing. The exclusive OFM radio app delivers content that is relatable to our loyal listeners. Launching the OFM app is another exciting step in the continued growth of the station. It’s just another way we keep improving our product offering and adding value to the lives of our loyal listeners” says OFM General Manager, Nick Efstathiou.

By downloading the new app, users will stand the chance to win R1000 a week for four weeks. For more information about the OFM app or the app competition, go to

Industry Information and Statistics

ABC Quarter 1 2016 multi-platform data release

Screen-Shot-2012-06-07-at-8.29.27-AMThe ABC has for the first time issued data relating to multi-platform certification. In addition to print circulation data, website traffic and email newsletter delivery data are also provided. Each title now has an online ‘Headline report’ summarising the data for all the platforms.

Print: press overview

  • Total Newspapers declined marginally by 0.78%.
  • Daily Newspapers declined by 2.6%.
  • Weekly Newspapers remained static.
  • Weekend Newspapers declined by 3%.
  • Local Newspapers increased by 0.5%.
  • Free Newspapers remained static.

Print: Magazine Overview

  • Total Magazine circulation increased by 1.5%.
  • Consumer Magazines increased by 1.4%.
  • B2B magazines declined by 0.3%.
  • Custom Magazines increased by 1.8%.
  • Free magazines remained static.

Encouragingly, in the Consumer Magazine sector, some titles have shown significant growth:

  • Popular Mechanics +16.5% (Single Copy Sales + Free)
  • Amakhosi +15.5% (Single Copy sales)
  • Car +19.4% (Single Copy Sales + Free)
  • Drive Out/Wegry +19.3% (Single Copy Sales)
  • Leisure Wheels +25.3% (Single Copy Sales)
  • Super Bike +32% (Single Copy Sales + Free)
  • Golf Digest +16.7% (Free)
  • Game&Hunt/Wild&Jag +37.8% (Single Copy Sales + Free)
  • Modern Athlete +34% (Free)SA Flyer +17.9% (Single Copy Sales)
  • SA Rugby +16.8% (Single Copy Sales)
  • Women’s Health +31.5% (Single Copy Sales)

In the Custom Magazine sector the following titles showed significant growth:

  • Fresh Living/Kook and Kuier +279% (changed from paid to mainly free and paid)
  • Slow Magazine +54% (Free)
  • Premier +74% (Free)

Exciting Media Campaigns

Wimpy creates new burger category

341147Wimpy, the 49-year-old fast-service restaurant in the Famous Brands stable, has created a new category of burger with the launch of the Slam Burger, a 150g pure coarsely ground beef meatball slammed onto the sizzling grill and then shaped by the unique Slam press just long enough to lock in the succulent juices and flavour.

The new category is being introduced to the South African public via a TV ad running on the country’s major television stations from FCB Johannesburg and specialist production house, Hungry Films. According to Wimpy Marketing Manager, Luise Peters, the new category introduces customers to a burger “like nothing they’ve ever seen or experienced before” and will assist Wimpy attain key marketing goals. You can view the ad here:

What’s happening in Africa

Learn more about Hitradio Namibia

Hitradio Namibia not only provides Namibia’s best music mix 24/7, but they also offer a more relaxed Sunday evening mix from 19h30 which definitely targets a more mature audience. The radio station always has something to unique to offer their listeners so, don’t forget the monthly Gondwana Collection Namibia, where listeners can win two nights for two people at any Gondwana Lodge in the country. Hitradio Namibia features breaking news from Namibia and the world every hour as well as weather forecasts and traffic reports. With less talk and more music, they have been entertaining German-speaking listeners in Namibia (Windhoek, the coast, Otjiwarongo and Tsumeb) and abroad (via livestream) for nearly 4 years now.

We offer unique advertising opportunities to advertise on Hitradio Namibia. Classical radio spots are an ideal advertising opportunity for companies or individual products or services. All commercials can be produced in English or German and we are happy to arrange contacts with companies in Germany, to assist you in the professional and cost-effective production of radio spots for Hitradio Namibia. If you would like to discover more, then take note that Hitradio Namibia will have a stand at the Namibia Holiday and Tourism Expo 2016 at the Windhoek Show Grounds from 18 to 21 May 2016. Listeners will be able to interact with the radio personalities and also get information about special advertising packages.

What’s happening in Media – 5th May 2016

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Advertising news

Nine South Africans selected as Cannes jurors

340339It’s definitely an exciting time for the media and advertising in South Africa. Of the 387 jurors selected for the Cannes Lions 2016, nine are South African and they will serve on the Design, Direct, Film, Media, Mobile, Print & Publishing, Promo & Activation, Outdoor and Radio juries. The juries are selected from 40 countries and are made up of 40% women, a significant increase on last year’s 31.5% and a record number for the Festival. The juries will meet in Cannes to judge live throughout the Festival, with the winners of the Lions being announced and honoured at awards ceremonies taking place across the eight days.

SA’s Cannes Lions 2016 judging contingent include Emma Carpenter, Eoin Welsh, Fran Luckin, Jonathan Beggs, Jenny Glover, Marc Taback, Nathan Reddy, Suhana Gordhan and Rob McLennan. Terry Savage, chairman, Lions Festivals, said that he was ‘delighted to be welcoming such an array of global talent that spanned the wide spectrum of creativity’. We are incredibly proud of this announcement as it only reaffirms the fact that South Africa has a huge pool of talent when it comes to developing advertising campaigns especially for a global scale.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

Open data and new technologies: keys to the media’s future

iphone-5s-photopack-cafe-part-1069117_960_720The future of news likely lies with mobile phones, data and drone journalism explains Stephen Pugh. These new technologies turn news into a dialogue and enable new levels of access to data which may save lives. The spread of mobile phones and connectivity across Africa offers opportunities and challenges for the way information will be discovered and used by citizens. If people have the necessary skills and knowledge, open data and new technologies hold the keys to the media’s future.

Code for Africa
is the continent’s largest network of civic technology and open data labs. They work with media partners to create actionable information for citizens that helps them in their daily lives. From checking if their doctor is dodgy to seeing if they are registered to vote, Code for Africa’s tools have been used in dozens of countries to help empower people. How might technology be harnessed in the coming years to further democratise the use of information and news across Africa? Stephen provides us with a wide range of possibilities including mobile phones, media freedom and big data.

Industry Information

DStv drops agency settlement discounts

DStv-logo-2010DStv Media Sales has amended the settlement discount structure for media agencies that book advertising on DStv platforms in order to address any legal uncertainty regarding its compliance with the Competition Act, effective 1 May 2016. The previous structure – where media owners pay a 16.5% commission or early settlement discount to media agencies – is a long established practice in many parts of the world and has been in existence for considerable time, but is currently under investigation by the Competition Commission for allegedly contravening the Competition Act.

DStv Media Sales has been engaging with the Competition Commission with respect to its investigation and will continue to do so with a view to resolving this matter. To avoid any regulatory uncertainty and legal risk, and without any acknowledgement of wrongdoing, DStv Media Sales has revised its policies regarding agency settlement discounts as from 1 May 2016, and thereafter all rates will be published nett of any agency settlement discounts.

Exciting Media Campaigns

TractorTracking a game changer in transit advertising

340364Tractor Outdoor has launched its TractorTracking™ division which aims to provide advertisers and agencies alike various data sets about the campaigns that they book with Tractor. “Selling bus advertising has traditionally been difficult as we could only work on averages when clients asked for intricate details on their campaigns,” says Remi du Preez, Sales Director at Tractor.

He continues, “The City of Cape Town has recently installed tracking devices in the entire fleet which is where we get the data sets from. We can now accurately tell the client where their adverts travelled, how many km they travelled, how many hours they were active and even what periods of the day their campaigns reached peak activity.” “The data has given us new insights into the medium which we will offer for free to any client that books on the fleet on an ongoing basis and campaign specific.

This is the first line of offerings under the TractorTracking™ division. The hope is to provide more innovations in this field and across all Tractor channels that deliver accurate, real-time and relevant data sets to clients.”

What’s happening in Africa

Reach a wider audience in Namibia through Channel 7

unnamedChannel 7 is heard on 35 transmitters nationwide and can also be heard online at They are a community radio station with a variety of programs such as Agriculture, Gramadoelas (4×4 itinerary), Money Matters, Food programs, First Aid, Marriage Program and many more. It is the perfect station to advertise lifestyle content especially to an Afrikaans speaking audience. Although the channel has a majority of Afrikaans listeners, a substantial percentage also speak Oshiwambo and English.

The latest statistics regarding Channel 7 according to 2015’s Media Metrics indicate that 85.8% of the population listens to radio. Radio is a very popular advertising channel in Namibia and because of this, Channel 7 will be launching a teen radio station soon. This will be one of the perfect platforms to target Namibian youth. If you would like to find out more about how your brand can reach a wider audience in Africa, get in touch with our team.


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