5 Tips to make your TV advert stand out

What makes an effective TV ad? The most effective TV adverts are created in such a way that the audience remembers not only the ad, but also the brand and the message behind the advert. Your TV adverts must spark a connection with your brand and your audience. Without that connection, your brand likely won’t be remembered, even if people remember the advert itself. A memorable advert doesn’t equal an effective advert. There have been so many TV adverts that have gone viral, think Old Spice, think Nando’s. But what makes these adverts so effective? We’ve done some research and we’re convinced if you follow these 5 tips, you will be on the right path.


1. Create a great script
Your advert should have a “big idea.” Before starting with your script, take a step back and ask yourself and your brand team, “what is the big idea that will get people looking at our product or service?” Once you know exactly what it is you’re selling, you can get started. For example, if your service is a travel agency, instead of selling flights and packages, you are selling experiences and memories to your customers.

2. Keep it simple
TV adverts are not longer than 30 seconds; a very limited time frame. You will need to use this time to convey your message, grip the viewer and indicate a call to action. Keep the message and storyline as simple as possible and refrain from using convoluted words and sentences. Remember that your audio should also tell the customer what you’re advertising even if the customer is in another room and can’t see the TV when your advert airs.

3. Hire a Production Company
If there was ever a time to DIY, this would not be it. You want your advert to be professional, and so unless you are lucky enough to know people who do this for a living, you’ll have to hire a production company. They can handle all aspects of your advert, including writing, shooting and editing your advert.

4. Create a call to action
You want your advert to be so impactful that viewers will wake up from the couch and rush down to the shops to buy your product. If your product or service can be purchased online, then you can tap into that market by leaving your website address and contact details. Encourage the viewer to act upon the advert immediately, for example, “don’t wait for life to pass you by, book your dream holiday with us today by visiting www.yourwebsiteaddress.com.”

5. Schedule your advert strategically
Placement of your advert is very important. It determines who will see your advert and how much you will pay for its air time. Having your advert air at 3 a.m. will save you money but if you don’t reach your audience it’s not money well spent.

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