What’s happening in Media : 14th April 2016

Advertising news

Facebook launches Agency Ambassador programme for Africa

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.48.27 AMFacebook has launched an Agency Ambassador Programme for Africa as part of its drive to equip its agency partners with the skills and information they need to make the most of Facebook as a marketing and advertising platform. Agency Ambassadors have a direct line to Facebook and receive extensive training to help them become their agency’s expert in Facebook’s tools, technologies and solutions.

At Get Set Go Media, we strongly encourage our clients to consider multiple advertising options and platforms to form part of their overall advertising strategy. With Facebook rolling out new tools more frequently, it could mean taking social advertising to whole new level.



Exciting Media Campaigns

The Glass Recycling Company of South Africa creates powerful TV Ad

10325620_709901382381908_7566602496223216058_nIf you’re The Glass Recycling Company of South Africa (TGRC), you create a TV ad that draws parallels with banking. “When you put something in, you get something out” is the idea behind TGRC’s latest advertising campaign, conceptualised by Ant Hanly and Charmaine Harvey of Tribe Sauce, working with TGRC CEO, Shabeer Jhetham, to produce the storyboard and script. “The greatest advert creation challenge was to build and animate an African environment, with bottles and jars, and ensure the animation was realistic so that the visual picture plays between reality and animation,” said Jhetham.

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Innovative Advertising Ideas

Neurological research on iconic trigger moments in advertising

brain-770044_960_720Brendan Cook of Australian out of home company OOH! recently presented results of neurological research which indicated that peak iconic trigger moments could get your brand into people’s long-term memory. By monitoring the brainwaves of people watching an advertisement, researchers were able to pick out peaks in brain activity – the ‘iconic trigger moments’, ie scenes from the television commercial that were having the greatest impact on the audience.

Still shots of these ‘trigger moments’ were used to create mock up billboards and shown to the same group of people one week later, along with a series of other random images. “The whole idea was to measure whether there had been an impact on long term memory encoding, using only one television advertisement seen for the first time and one poorly treated out of home execution [such as a billboard],” explained Cook. “The end result is that we were able to see that if you use the peak iconic trigger [as a still image on say, a billboard], you had 42 % more impact on the long term memory encoding of the ad campaign.”


Industry Information

Industry leaders unpack trends in media, technology sector

WW-Cover-e1460356301384Topics under the microscope included advertorial vs. editorial, journalists’ pay, challenges media houses are facing, and how social media is an ally as well as an enemy. Michael Bratt from The Media Online attended the event to find out more. The most prominent topic during the discussion was editorial vs. advertorial and whether media houses should be including more native advertising/product placement in their content.

“Radio stations would put themselves more at risk with native advertising, because in the long run, they would lose credibility and then advertisers would leave anyway,” Mochaba said. She believes that a balance needed to be found to ensure credibility remains intact while the station is sustainable and has enough ad revenue coming in.


What’s happening in Africa

Smart advertising with One Africa TV in Namibia

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.51.34 AMOne Africa Television had promised its advertisers more bang for their advertising buck when choosing to advertise with them. Every year, Vision Africa conducts it’s Media Metrics Report. The independent research gives a good overview of the local media landscape. Each year, One Africa Television comes out on-top! One Africa reaches an average of 280 000 viewers of which 190 000 are glued to their sets during Prime Time (Weekdays, 6pm to 9pm).

That makes them the largest commercial advertising medium in the country with one of the cheapest cost-per-impression rates. Our expert team have decades of media experience in Namibia and have helped leading brands expose their products to the Namibian market. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with the Get Set Go Media team.


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