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What’s happening in Media – 24th March 2016

  • By Adri van der westhuizen
  • Published March 24, 2016
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Advertising news

ASA on a mission to become ‘fit for purpose’

1238852_529121393828687_197797597_nIn February 2015, the Advertising Communications Association (ACA) sent a letter to members outlining the ASA’s “perilous” financial situation. Odette van der Haar, CEO of the ACA, said the ASA’s “board has to contend with a scenario where it may have to liquidate the ASA”.

Last week a joint statement was issued by the ASA and the ACA in the name of the ACA’s Boniswa Pezisa. In it, Pezisa admitted to “challenges” regarding its finances, but said a task team comprising representatives from industry bodies including the ACA, the Broadcast Research Council (BRC), the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), was set up in June last year. Pezisa said that while the media environment was experiencing “lots of changes, the principles of self-regulation had to be updated to keep pace”.


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Digital vs FM radio advertising

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.26.28 AMDid you know that achieved 3.5million downloads since August 2014? Speaking at the MTN On Air Radio Conference, Gareth Cliff states that is not a radio station, but a content hub which produces and aggregates content, including podcasts, live streaming and video. Cliff explains that online radio can be measured because it is digital, the number of people listening to a live stream at any given time can be measured easily.

Although he adds that he’s not convinced of  how useful this info is for ad agencies, he explains that – on the content hub –  it is possible to measure the amount of podcast downloads, average listenership for the week or month – and that these numbers are very competitive with FM Radio. Cliff believes that, if content  is designed properly, and the media and advertising industries work together, the audience can be served, the advertisers can be served, and a new kind of creativity can be achieved.


Exciting Media Campaigns

Radio is simply unmatched for Carling Blue Label

Carling-Blue-Label-Beer-Bold-Taste-Rich-Reward-1Leading beer brand, Carling Blue Label is one advertiser who concurs that when it comes to integrating flawlessly with digital and mobile technology, radio is simply unmatched. This wonderfully synergistic relationship was recently demonstrated when they approached United Stations to launch their newest offering, Carling Blue Label beer to Kaya FM’s Afropolitan audience.

When it comes to making a meaningful connection between brands and listeners, savvy advertisers such as Carling Blue Label are speedily realising that cleverly embedding their brand into regular programming and leveraging this via digital platforms, can be the ultimate differentiator in an otherwise cluttered media space.


Innovative Ideas


Instagram: A snapshot of the latest social media-advertising platform

Multi-Color_Logo_thumbnail200Instagram has been primarily associated with food pictures, shots of nature and Throwback Thursday images of your best friends wedding. But, it has given a whole new meaning to mobile advertising in South Africa. Brands who are looking to broaden their reach and increase sales, should be incorporating Instagram into their advertising strategy. As the fastest growing social media platform, Instagram can’t be ignored.

Thanks to its ads API – which was switched on in August 2015 – South African brands now have a potential audience of more than 400 million users from around the world. Working alongside Facebook advertising, Instagram always you to target your adverts according to a specific demographic and pay using cost-per-click.


What’s happening in Africa

Nigerian Government announces that it is not a threat to Media

map-nigeriaMinister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said journalists in Nigeria have nothing to fear from the Nigerian government in the performance of their duties. “Not a single journalist is in detention in Nigeria today. The government of the day is not a threat to the media, and it is not about to stifle press freedom or deny anyone his or her constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

The minister also said while the government has ensured the protection of the premises of vulnerable media establishments when required to do so, that does not affect the independence of such organisations.

What’s happening in Media – 17th March 2016

  • By Adri van der westhuizen
  • Published March 17, 2016
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Advertising news

Is Netflix a threat to TV advertisers?

Netflix has been live in South Africa for just over 2 months now and comes at the fraction of a price for a DSTV subscription. Although there hasn’t been a dramatic decrease in DSTV subscriptions and a sudden influx in Netflix subscriptions, the opportunity opens up a new playing field for other online streaming services to become widely accessible to South Africans. However this may or may not come at a cost to TV advertisers. Netflix has continued to resist advertising since inception, making it the perfect platform for consumers but an absolute nightmare for advertisers. DSTV still holds a competitive advantage in South Africa due to the high demand for sport and therefore we do not foresee Netflix being a threat for TV advertisers in the near future.


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Consumers left increasingly confused by rise of native advertising

Drum Magazine recently reported that consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between advertising and editorial content as publishers muddy the waters through their choice of wording and placement, according to new research. Although this might be a problem for publishers who are trying to keep a distinct line between content and adverts, it may not be such a problem for advertisers. For many years advertisers had to constantly push through the negative advertising stigma associated with print adverts in magazines. Many readers would skip adverts entirely simply because the content was paid for. Knowing that readers are now embracing both content and adverts as a whole provides insight into their reading patterns and behaviours. Advertisers can now tailor their adverts to suit the reader in the form of short stories, user generated case studies and guest blog posts.


Exciting Media Campaigns

Rhodes Food Group creates a commercial highlighting the love of food

Petar Spiljevic, together with Owen Kessel Leo Burnett, created a commercial about the love of food and the simple beauty of sharing it. Advertisers, over the recent years, have been shying away from adverts that focusses solely on products but rather about sharing a story and a journey. We think it’s perfectly articulated throughout this video.

Innovative Ideas

Is mall advertising a part of your media strategy?

Independent research company, Millward Brown, conducted a recent case study that showed in-mall media to be as effective as TV advertising. “The numbers do not lie,” says Deshendri Smit, Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division Executive Head of Sales. “Over this research period, while only making up 10% of the overall media spend, in-mall media accounted for a very distinct 12% increase in sales and audience attendance.” Due to the power of proximity for point of purchases, in-mall advertising is a great way to go for advertisers with physical retail stores located in the mall. Offering unique specials to passers by has always been a great way to attract new customers but creating brand awareness through close advertising is proving to be effective for a successful ROI.


What’s happening in Africa

Namibia’s super-fight open’s up the way for advertisers

Paulus Ambunda intends to prove that Namibia is on par with the world’s top boxing nations when he puts his IBO bantamweight title on the line in a unification contest against Mexico’s WBA champion Moises ‘Chucky’ Flores on 7 May. This one of kind contest is a milestone for Namibian history and is set to be beamed live on SuperSport across the African continent and around the world. But what does this mean for TV advertisers? With the spotlight being on the upcoming fight, advertising space in Namibia will soon be sold to businesses looking to advertise on Supersport, and possibly NBC, during the fight. Not only do these businesses reach a Namibian audience but a global one as well. Negotiations are currently under way with NBC to sell some advertising space to local corporates which do not necessarily have a global footprint.


Industry Highlights : 3rd March 2016

  • By Adri van der westhuizen
  • Published March 3, 2016
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Advertising news

Cannes Lions puts creative women in the spotlight through See It Be awards?

Applications for the 2016 ‘See It Be It’ Cannes Lions initiative, which supports and develops the industry’s underrepresented female creatives, close for entries on 1 April 2016. “Underrepresentation in the industry has received enormous attention in the last two years, but to see long-term cultural change we can’t afford to take our foot off the pedal,” said Lions Festivals CEO, Philip Thomas. “We want to develop the careers of more creative women through See It Be It, addressing the gap in the most direct way we can, whilst ensuring the issue remains firmly in the spotlight.” Female creatives are encouraged to enter the awards by applying online.

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Industry Data and Statistics

Budget speech encourages companies to not reduce advertising spend

“The biggest mistake companies can make is to reduce investment into marketing and communications during tough economic times”; this was clearly visible throughout the budget speech delivered by Pravin Gordhan. The truth is that consumers have not stopped spending, they merely look for more bang for their buck. Given the tax relief and no increase in VAT for example, consumers may have more disposable income. History has proven that the brands that are consistently advertising during tough times, enjoy a greater consumer loyalty. It would therefore serve marketers well to invest more in advertising and communications to maintain brand loyalty during the economic recession.

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Exciting Media Campaigns

Joe Public launches Steers print milkshake campaign

Digital Agency Joe Public landed the exciting and funny Steers double “Ridiculously Thick Milkshake” campaign. This print and poster series is directly targeting the student and youth market. Fast food brands need to continuously reinvent themselves to keep their target audience entertained. Unless they launch new products, which they seldom do, it is very difficult to make the regular burger and fries look attractive all year round.

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Innovative Ideas

The Citizen launches Phakaaathi as a weekly newspaper

The Citizen has announced that Phakaaathi will no longer be published as a hybrid newspaper. From Tuesday, 1 March 2016, it will be a standalone, weekly soccer newspaper, making it the perfect place for sports advertisers to reach their desired target market. Phakaaathi will be available every Tuesday in stores and from street sellers across Gauteng and most other provinces, excluding Eastern and Western Cape. The weekly soccer newspaper will retail at R2,70 and remain on-shelf in stores for a week until the following Monday.


What’s happening in Africa

Highlights from The International Forum on Advertising for Multi-Platform Digital Media

The Digi Media Africa event took place in Cape Town last week. The conference brought together everyone from the advertising industry and other key stakeholders to explore new business models, strategies, technologies and solutions for the digital ecosystem. Many predictions were made for the future of advertising, it was interesting to know that programmatic will account for 80% of digital display advertising in 2017 as explained by Tim Legg, Group CEO at Ole! Media Group. Something that we have known for a while but was always difficult to reassure advertisers about was that Africa is a mobile first continent. Hearing many speakers confirm this statement will definitely influence mobile advertising budget for 2016. If you’re interested in finding out more about reaching consumers on mobile, speak to our team today.


Industry Highlights : February 24th 2016

  • By Adri van der westhuizen
  • Published February 25, 2016
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Advertising news

Is ad-blocking software affecting your advertising?

Ad blocking software is easily accessible and free to use but it is a nightmare for digital advertisers. One of the primary reasons consumers are installing ad-blockers is because the content being served to them is intrusive and simply not engaging. Yaron Assabi, chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association states that unlike other countries, Africans find adverts to be informative and useful. Media owners cannot control the use of ad-blocking software but they can control the content they create. “We need to be very conscious of people’s needs and create smart, relevant and responsible advertising solutions,” Yaron explains.

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Industry Data and Statistics

Is print advertising really dead?

With the rise of digital, many advertisers are spending 100% of their budget on online advertising and forgetting about print. The assumption being made is that print is predicted to be dead or slowly on its way out. However, an impressive 46% of all South African adults, that is 17.8 million people, read a local newspaper once a week. Local newspapers serve up one of the best places for advertisers simply because it is trusted by the community. The trick is to use the space creatively and engage with the readers on a personal level. “Adverts in local community newspapers need to be targeted specifically to the area. We advise using familiar visuals and language that resonates with the readers”, says Adri Van Der Westhuizen, Director at Get Set Go Media.

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Exciting Media Campaigns

Coca-Cola launches “One Brand” strategy and new global campaigns

When one thinks of exciting and viral adverts, the Coca-Cola brand is always top of mind. Their adverts have always been specific to geographical locations, enticing emotions and feelings with every second that plays. Coca-Cola announced a significant shift in their marketing strategy for 2016. For the first time all Coke Trademark brands will be united in one global creative campaign. “Taste the Feeling” will bring to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola – any Coca-Cola – is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special. We don’t know about you but our team is extremely excited to discover what the brilliant minds at Coca-Cola have come up with.


Innovative Ideas

Media innovation challenge offers R100,000 in seed funding and incubation support

It is always exciting when corporates invest in fostering entrepreneurship. The Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab Business Incubator and MultiChoice are looking for student and non-student entrepreneurs, as well as communities of innovative thinkers and creators, to participate in a Media Innovation Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to focus on three important aspects namely,  collect and analyse the behaviour and preferences of consumers, create content and provide entertainment. Interested entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to join the workshop and find more details about the Pitching Platform on the challenge website:


What’s happening in Africa

Mobile internet is quickly transforming business in Nigeria

The economy in Nigeria is powered by small and medium businesses and whilst mobile was always prevalent in the market, it is now transforming the landscape rapidly. Mobile has become the growth engine of the Nigerian economy and with the rise of cheaper smartphones, Nigeria will reach a 100% adoption rate in less than 5 years. Magnus Nmonwu, Regional Director at Sage West Africa discussed the rise of digital advertising spend increasing year on year through the rise of mobile internet adoption with CNBC Africa. If you’re considering advertising in Nigeria, then now is the time to act. Our team love and understand the landscape and would love to help you get started. Let’s set up a coffee and chat about your requirements.


Get Set Go Media – Put Africa on the Map

Get Set Go Media is on a mission to put Africa on the Map. I have often asked myself, who wouldn’t want to advertise in Africa? Yes of course there are brands who for obvious reasons don’t, but there are far too many who should, but who don’t.

We want to change that, because we want to de-risk advertising in Africa. In a year or two we’ll be in over 10 countries guaranteed, but for now we’re focusing on the ones close to home and close to our hearts.

My name is Adri van der Westhuizen, I am the founder of Get Set Go Media. I am a Namibian with deep roots in media and politics. My family is intensely passionate about our country and that’s where my journey and this business started.

I studied at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, completing a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with electives in Brand- and Media Management.

I always dreamt of running my own business, but that day came much faster than I anticipated. After completing my studies I worked as a Sales Executive at Wide Open Platform in Johannesburg, a subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited. It was tough. Media Sales was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

It is as rewarding as it is tough, which is exactly how I got hooked.

To be continued…

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