Expanding your Advertising Reach to Namibia

According to Nielsen, Namibia is the seventh most business friendly country in Africa. Namibia’s economy, political stability and per capita income have consistently ranked among the best in Africa. Also, the popularity of supermarkets can ease distribution challenges. In comparison to other Sub-Saharan countries surveyed, it’s easier to reach out to consumers in Namibia as they are better educated and well connected through media. The affluent consumer segments in Namibia are brand loyal and willing to pay more for better and faster service. The low population density in rural areas can be a hindrance for making deep inroads into the country, however, a fast growing urban population in Namibia and a large affluent consumer base offers a multitude of opportunities for potential investors.


Demographic of users in Namibia

Urban centers in Namibia are populated by the more modern and wealthy consumer segments like trendy aspirants and progressive affluents. Nine out of ten consumers in these segments are educated beyond secondary school and they are more likely than the general population to spend more on home and personal care products such as fabric care products, cosmetics, disinfectants and sanitizers. Organized trade is well developed in Namibia with nine out of ten consumers stating that supermarkets are their most important channel for grocery purchases. Consumer Packaged Goods categories account for 28 percent of total monthly household expenditure. Driven by high income segments such as progressive affluents and trendy aspirants, penetration of value-added products such as deodorants, butter and margarine, hair care products, air fresheners and packaged fruit juices are higher in Namibia compared to other Sub-Saharan countries surveyed. Across all segments, brand loyalty, affordability, and availability are key purchase drivers. Beverages, such as iced tea and sports/energy drinks, are areas of opportunity where consumers expressed high interest to try.

Digital penetration

At 93 percent penetration, the mobile phone is a central part of life for most Namibians. While text messaging is used by almost everyone, 40% of mobile phone users said that they access the Internet directly on their mobile phone. About 33% of mobile phone users, especially trendy aspirants, evolving juniors and progressive affluents, use picture messaging/MMS, download music, listen to the radio, or access social networking websites. Driven largely by these affluent consumer segments, 75% of all Namibian respondents own a radio and a color TV. TV (86%) and radio (78%) are widely popular and Namibia has higher penetration of newspaper (86%), magazines (60%) and Internet (51%) compared to other Sub Saharan countries surveyed. This is driven by high literacy (89%) and greater concentration of affluent consumer segments such as progressive affluents and trendy aspirants.

Advertising to the Namibian market

There are many reasons why we encourage brands to extend their advertising reach to Namibia. Not only does the Get Set Go Media team have expert knowledge and decades of experience when it comes to Namibia but the media landscape is perfect. With most Namibians consuming information through multiple sources including TV, radio, print and digital, Namibia becomes the perfect place to launch campaigns that are geared towards success. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help your brand, get in touch with our team today.


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