Industry Highlights : 10th March 2016

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The snowball effect of native advertising through television shows

Imagine a TV show that’s not interrupted by ad breaks – instead, the entire 30-minute slot is an ad. But it’s not the typical promotional push that sends you clicking away to another channel – it’s relevant, exciting native content that creates new brand loyalty. Leigh Andrews highlighted native advertising recently where she spoke about its clear marketing message. Launch Factory’s Holiday Swap KZN branded content reality TV show is an excellent example of this. The advertising was so impressive that it went on to win international awards. The rise of native advertising will see more brands investing directly into TV shows through script involvements and product endorsements as opposed to breakaway advertising. Would this be something your company would consider doing? Let us know.

Industry Data and Statistics

Ad spend in Africa online is well below the percentage of consumer attention online

Advertising spend on radio and TV has always been fairly straightforward in Africa. However the internet is fragmented, from devices to content, so understanding what people are accessing is key to the medium moving from one that consumers spend a lot of time on, but where the ad spend is still lacking. Effective Measure provides digital audience measurement, campaign effectiveness and targeting solutions, bringing high quality audience data to publishers, agencies, networks, advertisers and researchers. “We provide advertisers and the owners of content with a common language so both sides understand how big their audience is and who their audience is,” explains Scott Julian. It is not just a sharing of numbers though; it is providing information so that the opportunity can be understood. Just as mediums such as radio and television has core audience figures, the internet also needs that to be a more effective medium for advertisers he adds.

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Exciting Media Campaigns

The all new Hilux – The era of tough

The new Hilux advert has been much talked about recently. The script and storyboard pulls on your heartstrings with a clever play on words and using cute kids offcourse. The hard launch was supported by radio, print, billboard and an extensive digital campaign, which includes a 360-degree immersive video brochure. The advert was created by FCB Africa and perfectly reaffirms the brand’s positioning as the toughest bakkie on the market. The response was to take ‘tough’ to the next level in a manner that would build on South Africa’s fondness for the bakkie and grow its place in their hearts.

Innovative Ideas

Nigerian radio streaming start-up expects 150m users in five years

RadioVybe is a social network for online radio and music lovers co-founded by a Nigerian, his brother, and two South Africans. An idea that began brewing in 2011, the online platform was officially set-up last year. Unlike other radio streaming services such as and Spotify, RadioVybe enables listeners to “be a part of the conversation” in real time. Ezeani plans to sell text, banner and voice advertising on the site – the latter functioning similarly to YouTube ads where the user will hear an ad before being redirected to their station of choice. Other revenue generators include sponsored posts and featured radios – where radio stations can pay to be featured on top of the ‘radio’ page, which theoretically arranges stations randomly – as well as selling the information it collects on radio station users to those stations.


What’s happening in Africa

What’s happening in Africa

Zimbabwe is expected to launch its first digital television

Zimbabwe is expected to launch its first digital television by early this year, and Government has urged television content producers to ensure the country has enough to broadcast when the industry is fully digitalised. Deputy Minister Mathuthu said it was the content side that mattered most. “Broadcasting is not about technicians or engineers, but it is about content,” she said. “If we have no content to show on our television channels, then we may just as well forget about broadcasting. The digitisation of television in Zimbabwe creates the opportunity for more brands and businesses to reach a wider Zimbabwean market through advertising. Our team have experience in working with multiple African countries. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with Get Set Go Media.

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