Industry Highlights : February 24th 2016

Advertising news

Is ad-blocking software affecting your advertising?

Ad blocking software is easily accessible and free to use but it is a nightmare for digital advertisers. One of the primary reasons consumers are installing ad-blockers is because the content being served to them is intrusive and simply not engaging. Yaron Assabi, chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association states that unlike other countries, Africans find adverts to be informative and useful. Media owners cannot control the use of ad-blocking software but they can control the content they create. “We need to be very conscious of people’s needs and create smart, relevant and responsible advertising solutions,” Yaron explains.

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Industry Data and Statistics

Is print advertising really dead?

With the rise of digital, many advertisers are spending 100% of their budget on online advertising and forgetting about print. The assumption being made is that print is predicted to be dead or slowly on its way out. However, an impressive 46% of all South African adults, that is 17.8 million people, read a local newspaper once a week. Local newspapers serve up one of the best places for advertisers simply because it is trusted by the community. The trick is to use the space creatively and engage with the readers on a personal level. “Adverts in local community newspapers need to be targeted specifically to the area. We advise using familiar visuals and language that resonates with the readers”, says Adri Van Der Westhuizen, Director at Get Set Go Media.

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Exciting Media Campaigns

Coca-Cola launches “One Brand” strategy and new global campaigns

When one thinks of exciting and viral adverts, the Coca-Cola brand is always top of mind. Their adverts have always been specific to geographical locations, enticing emotions and feelings with every second that plays. Coca-Cola announced a significant shift in their marketing strategy for 2016. For the first time all Coke Trademark brands will be united in one global creative campaign. “Taste the Feeling” will bring to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola – any Coca-Cola – is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special. We don’t know about you but our team is extremely excited to discover what the brilliant minds at Coca-Cola have come up with.


Innovative Ideas

Media innovation challenge offers R100,000 in seed funding and incubation support

It is always exciting when corporates invest in fostering entrepreneurship. The Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab Business Incubator and MultiChoice are looking for student and non-student entrepreneurs, as well as communities of innovative thinkers and creators, to participate in a Media Innovation Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to focus on three important aspects namely,  collect and analyse the behaviour and preferences of consumers, create content and provide entertainment. Interested entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to join the workshop and find more details about the Pitching Platform on the challenge website:


What’s happening in Africa

Mobile internet is quickly transforming business in Nigeria

The economy in Nigeria is powered by small and medium businesses and whilst mobile was always prevalent in the market, it is now transforming the landscape rapidly. Mobile has become the growth engine of the Nigerian economy and with the rise of cheaper smartphones, Nigeria will reach a 100% adoption rate in less than 5 years. Magnus Nmonwu, Regional Director at Sage West Africa discussed the rise of digital advertising spend increasing year on year through the rise of mobile internet adoption with CNBC Africa. If you’re considering advertising in Nigeria, then now is the time to act. Our team love and understand the landscape and would love to help you get started. Let’s set up a coffee and chat about your requirements.



Gizelle Burke Account Director

Gizelle is a Benoni born, ex-cheerleader, turned marathon runner, with a passion for psychology and a penchant for ‘ops’. She lives in Stellenbosch with her husband Conrad and three children: John, Amelie and Isa. Her position in this exciting industry is to manage operations and liaise with clients and broadcasters.

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Adri is a Namibian, fashion aficionado-over-achiever with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for brand marketing. Previous Marketing experience: Integrated Marketing Communication at the AAA School of Advertising. Lives in Stellenbosch with her husband Nico and two young daughters: Sophia and Eva. Her position in this exciting industry is to manage the media business and establish long-standing partnerships with clients and suppliers.

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