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Gizelle Burke Account Director

Gizelle is a Benoni born, ex-cheerleader, turned marathon runner, with a passion for psychology and a penchant for ‘ops’. She lives in Stellenbosch with her husband Conrad and three children: John, Amelie and Isa. Her position in this exciting industry is to manage operations and liaise with clients and broadcasters.

GIZELLE Service with a smile...

She always goes the extra mile!

Mobile : +27 84 581 9836 | Office: +27 21 880 2701 | Email: gizelle@getsetgomedia.com

Adri Van Der Westhuizen Founder/ Director

Adri is a Namibian, fashion aficionado-over-achiever with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for brand marketing. Previous Marketing experience: Integrated Marketing Communication at the AAA School of Advertising. Lives in Stellenbosch with her husband Nico and two young daughters: Sophia and Eva. Her position in this exciting industry is to manage the media business and establish long-standing partnerships with clients and suppliers.

ADRI Sell, sell, sell


Mobile : +27 833 951430 | Office: +27 21 880 2701 | Email: adri@getsetgomedia.com