Running a successful radio advertising campaign


Radio advertising might be considered old school but it boosts the effectiveness of new media campaigns tremendously. Radio industry research says that, used as part of an integrated program, it can make new media work even better.  Of course, there’s one catch – marketing effectiveness isn’t just about the medium, it’s also about the message.  Be prepared to invest time and money in crafting that message if you want to avoid wasting your media budget.

If you’re going to use radio ads, also use a radio copywriter

Writing effective radio commercials requires radio-specific skills, and chief among them is the ability to make an emotional connection. Radio ads may be more effective at making emotional connections with consumers, thanks to the much more emotional link that listeners have with the medium itself. The Internet, meanwhile, connects at a more factual level, making the emotional link provided by radio particularly important as brands use it to help drive internet traffic.  


Great radio copy is personal

People don’t respond to “copy.”  People respond to people.  Make sure your radio writer can create a honest human-to-human connection.

Radio copywriting should start a conversation

Don’t waste your money just talking about yourself – create copy that talks to and about the consumer and invites them to talk to you directly  (yes, every radio ad should be a direct response ad).  Depending on the brand and the context, you don’t have to get fancy – you don’t even have to have an “offer” per se – just provide good, useful information and invite them to get in touch for more

Humor works – but only if your copy is actually amusing

Most “funny” radio spots are written by copywriters who wish they were comedians, but definitely aren’t.  The jokes are strained, the connection to the brand tenuous, and the audience bored.  Stay within your brand’s funny zone, that means radio copy that earns a smile and sometimes a laugh – but always, and most importantly, a call.

Tailor your radio copy to the station format

Radio formats are tailored to individual preferences in music, leisure time activities, life stage, etc., and your radio copy needs to fit the format. Make sure you get the copywriters you need to direct the content towards the radio’s LSM.

Radio copy needs to get personal, it has to connect on both a rational and an emotional level.  If you need assistance with radio advertising and radio media buying in Africa, get in touch with our team today.


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