What’s happening in Media : 7th April 2016

Advertising news

Target high LSM consumers in Botswana with Gabz FM

gabzGabz-FM is an adult contemporary Radio station that plays today’s hits and yesterdays classics. The station broadcasts nationally via terrestrial transmission and globally via Internet. Being one of the oldest Commercial radio stations in the country, Gabz-FM has branded itself as the heart and soul of adult contemporary music.

For advertisers wanting to reach consumers from a higher LSM and 25 and older, the Get Set Go Media team, always reccommend considering advertising through this station.

Their programming targets adults aged 25 plus who are mostly graduates, middle managers and above whose taste for things are finer and they have the buying power to afford them, because of the sophistication of their target audience, Gabz FM programming constitutes 20% talk and 80% music. If you would like to reach consumers in Botswana, let our team help you with your advertising needs.

Industry Information

Building advertising solutions through Facebook’s new products

fb_icon_325x325Matthew Idema, Facebook VP of Monetization Product Marketing, is often asked about new advertising solutions and opportunities through Facebook and their new products.

His answer to these questions is not always the shortest but when it comes to Facebook advertising, he agrees that consumer experience should always be at the advertiser’s top of mind.

The experience and valued delivered to consumers by advertisers is more important today, as platforms such as Messenger and Oculus, and products such as 360 Video and Live video gain traction. Although advertising for these platforms is not yet being made available via Facebook, Matthew assures us that it’s coming.

With over 1.59 billion people using Facebook every month, we think it is worth the investment.

Exciting Media Campaigns

Growing McCain’s brand through human connection

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.24.43 AMJoe Public United‘s latest campaign for McCain pays homage to the one person in all our lives that means everything – mom. We all love our dear moms and although we are grateful for all that they do, we don’t always get the chance to show our full appreciation.

“This idea connects emotionally and drives authentic stories, family time and joyful moments that are at the heart of the McCain brand,” said Roanna Williams, Creative Director Joe Public United. “Using our integrated offering to grow an idea is how we continue to strive toward bringing the very best 360° solution to our clients.”

We absolutely love this idea as it perfectly integrates creativity, brilliance as well as human emotions.

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Innovative Advertising Ideas

Advertiser-funded programming helps brands stand out in a cluttered TV landscape

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.27.13 AM“People still love television and watch a great deal of it, even with growing competition from digital media. However, with rapidly expanding choice of channels and with alternatives such as YouTube, ShowMax, and Netflix, the way viewers consume TV content is changing.

Brands must look beyond the confines of the traditional 30-second ad spot to find ways to inspire consumers and influence their behaviour,” says  Zaheera Mahomed is brand content manager for TV at Mediamark.

Advertiser-funded programming offer brands an opportunity to develop a stronger and more meaningful relationship with the content that their audiences love. It also gives them more creative control than they would get from simply sponsoring a show.

The most successful examples of AFPs centre on the needs of the viewer rather than on selling a product. Pick n Pay’s ‘Food for Living’ is a recent AFP campaign that Mediamark helped to compile.


What’s happening in Africa

Nigerian newspapers have increased their prices

newspaper-154444_960_720Some major Nigerian newspapers have raised their cover prices at a time when online publishing is giving print media a lot of competition and when Nigerians are wading through financial difficulties. Five newspaper houses had by last Monday, March 28, added N50 to the cover prices of their daily and weekend titles, all raising their daily titles from N150 to N2OO and most raising Saturday and Sunday editions from the previous N200 to N250. But what does this mean for advertising costs?

Although none of these newspapers have immediately increased their advertising costs, we foresee an increase occurring towards late 2016 / early 2017. Newspapers are looking for ways to stay on top of the rising economy as well as service a market that prefers online. A public commentator, Abedo Siaka, is of the opinion that the N50 extra that publishers are asking for a newspaper copy should not put off traditional buyers of newspapers.

“People go online to read newspapers these days, but there are still people who buy newspapers as a matter of course because they get from the papers what they cannot get from online publications. Such people are not going to keep off newspapers because of the price issue,” Siaka said.


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