What’s happening in Media : 13th October 2016

Advertising News

2016 Amasa Awards ceremony tickets and event sponsorships

363678-625x312With over 145 entries into this year’s AMASA Awards (a record high for the newly created Awards) the competition for top spots is sure to be tight and the content highly inspiring. With entries closed, the fate of all entrants now belongs with the judging panel. If you have entered the 2016 Awards or wish to witness the celebration of innovative, creative media executions then it’s time to book your seat for the AMASA Awards ceremony, which will be hosted at Montecasino’s glamorous Ballroom on Tuesday, 25 October, from 19h00. Wanting to celebrate and share high standards of work, innovation, executions, trends and strategy within the media and advertising industry,

AMASA still stands by its core goal: to skill and uplift the industry by supporting and driving the continuous education and inspiration of the industry – from its newcomers to its veterans. The AMASA Awards were not only created to be one of the organisation’s methods of inspiring great work but also to be one of the key fundraising activities. Funding raised from the Awards will help the organisation provide support back into the industry through their various educational and upskilling endeavors. To harness support for this initiative, the AMASA Awards now include – for the first time – sponsorship opportunities. The AMASA Awards exist to celebrate successful ‘all-rounder’ media campaigns; ones which are based on sound insights, underpinned by great ideas, followed through with perfectly executed strategy to achieve outstanding and measurable results – all the while celebrating innovation. For more information, visit www.amasa.org.za.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

In the world of video advertising screen size doesn’t matter

image-20160222-25891-q9mtsaIn a recent global survey, the majority of those surveyed agreed watching video on mobile devices was convenient. Increasingly the cost of producing that video content is being paid for by advertising, with advertisers also shifting their focus to mobile. However do those devices deliver a less engaging viewing experience? Four biometric studies show that nowadays, screen size doesn’t matter. A screen is a screen.

Steven Bellman, MediaScience Research Professor, University of South Australia,  found that what matters isn’t the size of the screen, but how big it appears on the retina. If you hold a mobile phone close to your eye, it can appear as big as a large flat-screen TV. Small screens can be just as exciting to watch, because we hold them in our hands. These results explain why many of us don’t turn on the TV set to watch YouTube videos if we have a mobile phone in our hands. But what does this mean for advertisers who produce video content? The mobile phone is not only the most convenient screen we have, it is also an equally good screen. Video content seen on a mobile phone is just as exciting, enjoyable, and memorable. Findings suggest that video content producers and advertisers do not have to worry about viewing on mobile devices. Viewing on these devices can be just as effective as viewing on any other screen. And with today’s retina screens, there is little need to adapt content for viewing on a small mobile screen.

Industry Information

Global advertising seminar addresses ‘Advertising Law and Self-Regulation’

363485The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) and Clearcast has announced a global advertising seminar in Amsterdam on 3 November 2016 on ‘Hot topics in advertising law and self-regulation in the Netherlands and around the world’, which will discuss critical advertising topics affecting advertisers and advertising agencies. The seminar will include sessions on ‘taste and decency’ and ‘social media’.

The seminar will be held from 2-5pm, followed by a cocktail reception at FCB Amsterdam. “Although the general principles of the European self-regulatory codes are largely the same, individual countries can interpret them differently especially when it comes to areas such as taste and decency,” said Danny Turner, business affairs manager at Clearcast. “This seminar will provide a glimpse of the differences in specific countries and highlight how there is almost never a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to marketing to global audiences.” “As social media becomes one of the most important tools available to marketers today,

it is critical for advertisers who are marketing across borders to understand the legal and cultural concerns that may impact their campaigns,” adds Jeffrey A Greenbaum, GALA chairman and managing partner at Frankfurt Kurnit in New York. Greenbaum and Clearcast head of business development, Kristoffer Hammer, will chair the event. The programme will also include special presentations by FCB Amsterdam CEO Jos Vis and Stichting Reclame Code Compliance Officer Fiona Vening.

Exciting Media Campaigns

#WhopperEnvy is a thing

Created in conjunction with Burger King’s creative agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, this is not the fast-food commercial we’d come to expect – a close-up of one of their products with voice-overs explaining in detail why this is better than its competitors. Instead it’s truly funny and picks up on a local observation of what happens to most office workers come lunch time, whether that office is a construction site or somewhere out in space when you unwrap a sad sandwich from home and your colleague bounces into the room with a fast food package rustling with the promise of something delicious – food envy. Now, #WhopperEnvy is a thing.

What’s happening in Africa

Namibian Broadcasting Corporation boss now Public Media Alliance Board Member

nbc-similo-pma-600x550The Public Media Alliance (PMA) earlier this week announced the appointment of their new President, Vice Presidents and Board Members following the association’s AGM and Global Conference held in Montréal, Canada. PMA is the largest global association of public service broadcasters in the world. Members of the organization communicate daily and free of charge through television, radio and online platforms. The organization exists to support progress and protect public service media worldwide. The newly elected board members consist of NBC, Director-General, Stanley Similo, General Manager: Tonga Broadcasting Commission, Nanise Fifita, Director International Department, Public Television Service in Taiwan Jessie Y.W. Shih, Chairman/CEO Channels Television and President of the Broadcasting Organizations of Nigeria (BON), John Momoh, Head of Strategic Policy, ABC Australia, David Sutton, Managing Director and Company Secretary of Manx Radio, Anthony Pugh, and CEO Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, Gerard Teuma. In response to the most recent recognition of his leadership skills, Similo stated the following: “I am pleased and honoured to have been elected to the Public Media Alliance board. This will enable me, along with my fellow board members to provide direction and guidance on public broadcasting globally.” Similo has vast experience in the human resources discipline and holds a Master of Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Regis University in the United States. Prior to his appointment as NBC Director-General, Similo served in key positions in the telecommunications sector, the mining industry and the banking sector. His current assignment at the NBC is akin to a homecoming as Similo once headed the national broadcaster’s Local Television Program section. Similo was also recently appointed as the President of the Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA).

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