What’s happening in Media: 14th July 2016

Advertising News

New African show from Urban Brew on Cartoon Network

PopUpPartyCartoon Network has teamed up with Urban Brew Productions to launch an innovative, locally produced series of short inserts called Pop Up Party, aimed at entertaining audiences on the African continent on DStv, at 4.30pm on channel 301 from 23 July 2016. Africa is the continent that gave birth to rhythm and the new short inserts will follow a young crew of local dancers as they pop up and infiltrate unexpected locations to create a vibrant, unique and fun Pop Up Party. Everything in the secret location seems normal…until the music starts and the magic happens. Everyone becomes part of the fun and afterwards the dance crew will walk off as if nothing happened. The crew are currently all students from the Michelle Oppenshaw Dance Studio, one of South Africa’s most versatile and elite dancers, best known for her work in the Hollywood movie, Honey 3, Strictly Come Dancing, the South African version and as the choreographer and a dancer in Mi Casa’s Turn You On music video.

“Over the last couple of years, the internet has seen many viral dance fads that have taken the internet by storm and got the world moving, but this will be on another level, as it will be aimed specifically at kids on the African market that have not experienced this directly,” says Pierre Branco, VP and MD of Turner Africa. The African-flavoured dance party has been shot in South Africa, but for any future series of the show, the channel will investigate the possibility of popping up in other African countries. Audiences will be able to follow the dance party by going onto Cartoon Network’s website. Viewers can send in their own dancing videos and learn some of the signature moves from the series, through choreographed videos with Michelle and the crew. Viewers will be encouraged to upload their videos and the best dancers will get some screen time on Cartoon Network.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

South African retailers Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar are upping their game even more to lure customers

vka201674125943Checkers introduced its Little Shop Mini Collectables in stores across the country. The retailer has shrunk 29 of South Africa’s most recognisable brands, such as All Gold tomato sauce, OMO washing powder and Sunlight dishwashing liquid, which are given free on every R150 spent in-store. This follows on from the freebie war craze at till points which was introduced to the South African market with the Pick n Pay stikeez campaign. Fun freebies for children and selfie fodder for adults: toys that retail supermarkets give out at the tills have taken over social media. But take a peek behind the gimmicky toys and you will find an enormous amount of strategy, data and money, said marketing and business strategist Jonathan Cherry.

There are Three major retailers – Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar – which have campaigns running at the moment that offer customers a freebie when they spend over R150. ‘”It looks like fun and games for children, but there’s a lot of info and stats behind the campaign,” Cherry said. It’s not just people sitting round a table thinking that’ll be fun.” In the wake of the Stikeez campaign, which had children begging their parents to shop at Pick n Pay last year, retail chains are cashing in on the adage that the way to parents’ purses is through their child’s latest obsession. People will often grab their groceries at whichever retailer is closest and most convenient. Many are loyal to brands that are stocked across retailers – for example, it likely won’t matter much to you whether you buy your Sunlight soap at a Spar or a Pick n Pay. To make customers loyal to a particular retailer, they use tools to differentiate themselves. One of these tools is lowering prices, and another is running incentives such as a free toy at the till.

Industry Information

Failure to comply could see SABC licence revoked: Icasa

SABC-musicThe South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) could, in an “extreme” case, see its licence revoked. That’s according to the Independent Communication Authority of SA’s (Icasa) Rubben Mohlaloga when questioned by 702’s John Robbie about SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s reaction to its ruling against the broadcaster. Hlaudi Motsoeneng had on Monday said “no one will tell us what to do” after Icasa made a decision that compels the SABC to reverse its ban on airing the destruction of property during protests. Mohlaloga told 702 on Tuesday that various sanctions “from a caution to a fine, and, in extreme cases, a licence being ‘suspended or revoked'” were available to Icasa should there be a lack of compliance with its rulings. He said the SABC had seven days to comply or indicate that it would take the ruling on legal review.

The SABC’s Kaizer Kganyago later on Tuesday told the radio station that the SABC would indeed be taking the decision to the courts, echoing Motsoeneng’s vow on Monday to approach the High Court or the Constitutional Court for relief. “We are challenging that ruling… we are equal to the task,” said the COO. Motsoeneng had also said all newsrooms censored news in taking daily publishing decisions. The fact that no good news was published showed that there was censorship in all news organisations, he said. In May, Media Monitoring Africa, the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition and the Freedom of Expression Institute lodged a complaint with Icasa’s complaints and compliance committee, challenging the validity of the SABC’s protests ban. In the aftermath of the ban, a number of senior journalists at the broadcaster are facing disciplinary action for questioning the decision.

Exciting Media Campaigns

New #FutureFWD retirement campaign from Sanlam

Sanlam’s latest #FutureFWD retirement campaign illustrates the actual monthly retirement salary that can be expected, using three South Africans as examples.

What’s happening in Africa

Test your ads in any African market with Sense Check, from delvv.io

pCSTW9NQDelvv.io has launched a unique way for brands and agencies to crowdsource feedback on their marketing campaigns, creative concepts or digital assets (websites, mobile apps). Delvv.io, a recent FNB Innovation Award finalist, has launched a unique way for brands and agencies to crowdsource feedback on their marketing campaigns, creative concepts or digital assets (websites, mobile apps) from on-the-ground professionals in any African market. The product, called Sense Check, allows for constructive and localised feedback at any stage of the creative campaign process, including at the concept development stage.

The company launched the product in response to client’s frustrations with wasting media budget on creative concepts that don’t translate in other markets, messaging that does not resonate or executions that fail to drive sales or consumer engagement. The traditional tools available are perceived as too costly and turnaround times too long, forcing brands and their agencies to either slow down their creative process or flight campaigns without any testing at all. Within 7-10 days, the product delivers a report of strengths, weaknesses and actionable suggestions for improving the concept, ad or digital asset at both a tactical and strategic level. The brand and creative agency can then optimise and tweak the creative strategy or decide to reduce or double down on their media investment. The product has been in beta with several of the biggest brands and is now available to clients worldwide. To learn more, visit delvv.io/sense-check or info@delvv.io.


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