What’s happening in Media : 30th June 2016

Advertising news

Mobile ads vulnerable to adblocking

adblockios9-860-150dpiAds on mobile apps and the mobile web can now be blocked, and research shows 20 million smartphone users worldwide are doing just that. Many publishers and advertisers have hoped that mobile platforms and walled gardens would offer a refuge from adblocking. PageFair’s latest report shows, this is not the case. Their intention is to re-establish a fair deal between publishers and content consumers. The company parsed the description data of thousands of apps and conducted user testing of several hundred of these apps to determine their functionality to build a picture of all adblocking apps and their features. Here are the key findings of our research:

  • At least 419 million people (22% of the world’s 1.9 billion smartphone users) are blocking ads on the mobile web.
  • Both mobile web and in-app ads can now be blocked.
  • As of March 2016, an estimated 408 million people are actively using mobile adblocking browsers (i.e., a mobile browser that blocks ads by default).
  • As of March 2016, there are 159 million users of mobile adblocking browsers in China; 122 million in India; and 38 million in Indonesia.
  • As of March 2016 in Europe and North America, there were 14 million monthly active users of mobile adblocking browsers.
  • A further 4.9 million content blocking and in-app adblocking apps were downloaded from the app stores in Europe and North America, since September 2014.

Summarised, 20% of the world’s smartphone users are using mobile adblocking browsers, which are mobile browsers that block ads by default.


Innovative Advertising Ideas

Growth in digital readership

daily-sunThe Daily Sun’s Facebook page has reached one million likes since it started in 2011. The publication has seen the growth of a full-time digital team which creates about 100 posts a week with about 80,000 interactions daily and between 12,000 and 17,000 new fans join every seven days.

People across all ages use the Daily Sun’s social media, but mostly between 18 and 34 year olds, 62% are men and 38% women. The mass market digital reader is different from the print reader in the way they consume news. Sekhula says, “The print reader likes the experience of having a physical copy to page through and read through and you can always come back to reference something. The digital reader just wants to know what’s happening. They aren’t as patient as the print reader and they want punchy, short and eye catching content.’ “The digital reader consumes from Tweets, Facebook posts, websites and even Instagram. Visuals are big; people would rather see what you are saying than read it. Pictures are also great to tell digital stories. The content needs to be fast, engaging and needs to attract attention quickly. You are competing with all the things that person does on their small phone screen – you need to be loud and entertaining.”

The convergence of digital and print is upon us and keeping a finger on the pulse of the South African consumer means communicating a brand message across multiple platforms, in a way that is uniquely suited to each. The digital reach of the Daily Sun and Soccer Laduma combined is over two million. The print reach of Daily Sun, Soccer Laduma, Son and Illanga is over nine million. The increasingly tech-savvy mass market not only has huge collective spending power, but it is not yet saturated and is in a phase of active acquisition. It is a brand conscious market that is influenced by advertising. In terms of newspapers, which are still a massively popular medium in this market, Ads24 represents a considerable number of the most read titles, which lie in the hearts of their communities.

Industry Information

Ogilvy & Mather South Africa makes history at Cannes Lions 2016

349228Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) South Africa, the integrated agency for the digital age, enjoyed a star-studded week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which concluded this past weekend. The agency group walked away with 11 Cannes Lions, including a coveted Grand Prix in Radio. Cannes Lions is the world’s premier annual gathering of advertising, marketing and communications professionals and largest creative award show.

With over 45,000 entries into this year’s festival, the odds of winning is averaged at below 3%. Of the seven agencies awarded in South Africa – which was ranked as the 8th country at the Festival – O&M claimed 44% of the country’s statues, with 38 of its entries shortlisted across various categories including Print, Radio, Entertainment, Outdoor, Design, Media, and Promo and Activations. “Cannes Lions is a collective overview of where we stand in the creative world across the globe,” said Pete Case, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa. ”I’m filled with gratitude that our work is part of the high calibre seen on stage this year. Thank you to our clients, our people, and to the judges and Cannes Lions for this recognition” says Abey Mokgwatsane, chief executive officer of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa.

To finish off the week, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide received the highest honour at Cannes Lions – Agency Network of the Year. This is the fifth consecutive time the global network has obtained the title.

Exciting Media Campaigns

FCB activation scores three million views in three days

An activation devised by FCB Cape Town for BMW Motorrad scored well over three million views on social media in just three days. “Early one morning, the FCB team rigged a bus stop in Cape Town with speakers and installed a fake puddle of water in the road alongside,” explained Barnwell. Developed by the team of Art Director Janine Coboz, Writer David Bassett and Group Head Dylan Davies and overseen by Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell, BMW Motorrad ‘Bus Stop’ was designed to reinforce the payoff line for the new BMW S 1000 RR – ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’.

What’s happening in Africa

Harmonising media research across Africa

Research_HeroMedia research provides critical insight into local consumers, and how best to reach them. It reveals which market segments are watching TV, listening to radio, or accessing information through print or digital means. It enables a company to tailor their marketing strategies to reach target audiences in the most effective way, and is therefore important to the success of many business enterprises. As far as media research is concerned, there are a lot of players active across Africa, but the research produced is not harmonised – it varies in quality, reliability and methodology.

An increasing number of companies are realising the need for standardisation, and are therefore looking to address this: media research firm Ornico, for example, utilises the same methodology in monitoring the media in each of the countries in Africa. “What works in Europe doesn’t necessarily work in Africa; what works in South Africa doesn’t necessarily work in Nigeria, and so on. So the challenge is to determine how we take what is available, and then benchmark it and adapt it for the environment that we’re in” argues Oresti Patricios. He goes on to say, “The whole purpose and importance of standardising media research across Africa is ultimately to develop confidence in the available research. Having research that is consistent, accurate and reliable, and that can be understood across borders, makes it easier and more attractive for brands to invest in the countries in question. It also enables a brand to compare how well it is doing across the countries in which it is active.”


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