What’s happening in Media : 31st March 2016

Advertising news

How to get more value from your Facebook Ads

There are more than 1 billion people combined on Facebook, Instagram and the publishers within the Audience Network and millions of advertisers wanting to connect with them. A single ad system powers ads across each of these platforms, evaluating billions of pairings of individual people and individual ads each day, looking for the right mix of message relevancy and potential business value. Late last week Facebook announced that it was releasing a host of education materials aimed at helping advertisers to understand how the Facebook ad auction works.

Facebook uses what is called an ad auction, which pairs individual ads with individual people, looking for an appropriate match. Its ad auction is designed to determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time. If your brand is using Facebook advertising to reach more people, we advise investing some time learning about these ad auctions work.


Industry Data and Statistics

Tech-savvy youth still read local newspapers

The youth are active consumers of online news yet recent research shows that they avidly read their local newspapers in print, often from cover to cover. Local newspapers present news that is still news, but is not perceived as such a ‘serious’ read and for youth this is important,” says Sarina de Beer, MD of Ask Afrika. Advertisers should be taking advantage of this recent research to reach a younger market. Local newspapers are the perfect place to advertise mobile phones, the telecommunications and cellular industry is a very competitive market, very undifferentiated. Advertising is more focused on a call to action, with low loyalty and visible promotional strategies and take-up. The youth are also more pre-occupied with brands that improve their image especially when it comes to health and beauty. There is an opportunity for this industry to reach this target group through local titles and our team can help you get there.


Exciting Media Campaigns

Love yourself no matter your size: Jet’s celebratory campaign

Self-love and self-confidence are two of the most beautiful and powerful accessories a woman can wear and we want to encourage more women to be in love with their bodies,” explains Jet’s marketing executive, Vaneshree Naidu. 
“Love yourself no matter your size”, the campaign puts forward, and uses 8 women who are brilliantly unapologetic about their bodies to drive the message home. Joe Public (ATL) conceptualised the integrated Jet campaign, which was inclusive of partnering with Engage Joe Public for communication strategy, Shift Joe Public for designed typography elements as well as TPP for the digital execution. The campaign was eloquently titled “Love yourself no matter your size” and aimed at encouraging women to love and celebrate themselves.

View video here.


Innovative Ideas

Forbes Africa TV to launch in April

Forbes Africa will launch its first global TV platform, Forbes Africa TV, with the flagship show ‘My Worst Day’, anchored by award winning Forbes Africa and Forbes Woman correspondent, Peace Hyde in April 2016.

The show brings the brand’s unique journalistic style and glitz to the silver screen and focuses on the most challenging day in the lives of some of the most successful and enterprising business leaders of our time. The show features Africa’s business powerhouses in a way never seen before.

The show will air on the CNBC Africa platform, with a total distribution to over 5 million homes through the DSTV platform. The show is in partnership with Zenith Bank.


What’s happening in Africa

Master your destiny on 99fm

The MYD Show is a weekly talk show that focuses on holistic personal development and features various Namibian experts discussing topics and giving advice on the matters that both hinder and advance a human being’s journey to fulfilment, well-being and success on all levels of life.

It is the perfect platform for advertisers to use to attract consumers interested in personal wellbeing matters such as finance, career, professional goals, emotional wellness, as well as food, diet, exercise, beauty, meditation, relationships, spirituality. Our team have experience in working with 99fm in Namibia. If you would like to find out more about advertising on the MYD show, get in touch with Get Set Go Media.


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