What’s happening in Media – 5th May 2016

Advertising news

Nine South Africans selected as Cannes jurors

340339It’s definitely an exciting time for the media and advertising in South Africa. Of the 387 jurors selected for the Cannes Lions 2016, nine are South African and they will serve on the Design, Direct, Film, Media, Mobile, Print & Publishing, Promo & Activation, Outdoor and Radio juries. The juries are selected from 40 countries and are made up of 40% women, a significant increase on last year’s 31.5% and a record number for the Festival. The juries will meet in Cannes to judge live throughout the Festival, with the winners of the Lions being announced and honoured at awards ceremonies taking place across the eight days.

SA’s Cannes Lions 2016 judging contingent include Emma Carpenter, Eoin Welsh, Fran Luckin, Jonathan Beggs, Jenny Glover, Marc Taback, Nathan Reddy, Suhana Gordhan and Rob McLennan. Terry Savage, chairman, Lions Festivals, said that he was ‘delighted to be welcoming such an array of global talent that spanned the wide spectrum of creativity’. We are incredibly proud of this announcement as it only reaffirms the fact that South Africa has a huge pool of talent when it comes to developing advertising campaigns especially for a global scale.

Innovative Advertising Ideas

Open data and new technologies: keys to the media’s future

iphone-5s-photopack-cafe-part-1069117_960_720The future of news likely lies with mobile phones, data and drone journalism explains Stephen Pugh. These new technologies turn news into a dialogue and enable new levels of access to data which may save lives. The spread of mobile phones and connectivity across Africa offers opportunities and challenges for the way information will be discovered and used by citizens. If people have the necessary skills and knowledge, open data and new technologies hold the keys to the media’s future.

Code for Africa
is the continent’s largest network of civic technology and open data labs. They work with media partners to create actionable information for citizens that helps them in their daily lives. From checking if their doctor is dodgy to seeing if they are registered to vote, Code for Africa’s tools have been used in dozens of countries to help empower people. How might technology be harnessed in the coming years to further democratise the use of information and news across Africa? Stephen provides us with a wide range of possibilities including mobile phones, media freedom and big data.

Industry Information

DStv drops agency settlement discounts

DStv-logo-2010DStv Media Sales has amended the settlement discount structure for media agencies that book advertising on DStv platforms in order to address any legal uncertainty regarding its compliance with the Competition Act, effective 1 May 2016. The previous structure – where media owners pay a 16.5% commission or early settlement discount to media agencies – is a long established practice in many parts of the world and has been in existence for considerable time, but is currently under investigation by the Competition Commission for allegedly contravening the Competition Act.

DStv Media Sales has been engaging with the Competition Commission with respect to its investigation and will continue to do so with a view to resolving this matter. To avoid any regulatory uncertainty and legal risk, and without any acknowledgement of wrongdoing, DStv Media Sales has revised its policies regarding agency settlement discounts as from 1 May 2016, and thereafter all rates will be published nett of any agency settlement discounts.

Exciting Media Campaigns

TractorTracking a game changer in transit advertising

340364Tractor Outdoor has launched its TractorTracking™ division which aims to provide advertisers and agencies alike various data sets about the campaigns that they book with Tractor. “Selling bus advertising has traditionally been difficult as we could only work on averages when clients asked for intricate details on their campaigns,” says Remi du Preez, Sales Director at Tractor.

He continues, “The City of Cape Town has recently installed tracking devices in the entire fleet which is where we get the data sets from. We can now accurately tell the client where their adverts travelled, how many km they travelled, how many hours they were active and even what periods of the day their campaigns reached peak activity.” “The data has given us new insights into the medium which we will offer for free to any client that books on the fleet on an ongoing basis and campaign specific.

This is the first line of offerings under the TractorTracking™ division. The hope is to provide more innovations in this field and across all Tractor channels that deliver accurate, real-time and relevant data sets to clients.”

What’s happening in Africa

Reach a wider audience in Namibia through Channel 7

unnamedChannel 7 is heard on 35 transmitters nationwide and can also be heard online at www.k7.com.na. They are a community radio station with a variety of programs such as Agriculture, Gramadoelas (4×4 itinerary), Money Matters, Food programs, First Aid, Marriage Program and many more. It is the perfect station to advertise lifestyle content especially to an Afrikaans speaking audience. Although the channel has a majority of Afrikaans listeners, a substantial percentage also speak Oshiwambo and English.

The latest statistics regarding Channel 7 according to 2015’s Media Metrics indicate that 85.8% of the population listens to radio. Radio is a very popular advertising channel in Namibia and because of this, Channel 7 will be launching a teen radio station soon. This will be one of the perfect platforms to target Namibian youth. If you would like to find out more about how your brand can reach a wider audience in Africa, get in touch with our team.


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